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  • Men’s Hair Trends 2016
    Have you ever gone out, looked around and realized that most everyone around you has something in common? This recently happened to me, in a local watering hole around 7 pm on Read more
  • ​New Year’s Resolution 2017: Inner Beauty Tune-up!
    New Year’s Resolution 2017: Inner Beauty Tune-up!As a Salon Professional I spend a majority of my time helping people achieve their ideal outer beauty. But there is so much more to looking and Read more
  • Hair Myths Debunked
    Throughout my years on the salon floor, I have heard all sorts of myths my guests have read in magazines or seen on TV about hair care. This article is designed to Read more
  • Spring Stylling trends 2016 – Go Big or Go Home
    Trends are constantly revolving. Currently the number one hair search on google is Volume. How do I get volume in my hair? How do I keep volume in my hiar? Why don’t Read more

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