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Eyelash Extension Services at Salon KB

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

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            Eyelash extensions enhance the length, fullness and curl of your natural              eyelashes.

From Where Does Salon KB Source Eyelash Extensions?

            Bella Lash Extensions is our trusted provider of all eyelash products we                use at Salon KB.  Here is a little about them:

  "Located in the heart of Utah Valley, Bella Lash Extensions was founded  in  November of 2011 by owners Zach and Haley Chipman. Through years of hard work and sacrifice, Bella Lash has grown to be one of the largest eyelash companies in the  United States. Product quality is one of our cornerstones. We are innovators at heart, constantly collaborating with engineers, chemists and creative minds to push the limits of the beauty industry and create all new categories of products never before in existence."   - Source: bellalash.com

What Are Eyelash Extension
s Made Of?

               Bella Lash Extensions explains:

                                "Eyelash extensions can be made from many different materials including synthetic, mink and even horse hair. We use Bella                                            Lash™ lash extensions which are made of faux mink hair. “All of Bella’s signature faux mink eyelashes are handmade insuring                                      quality and consistency. Lashes can be customized for each client depending on eye shape, color and client preference"                                                - Source: bellalash.com

Should I Wash My Eyes While I Have Extensions?

                Yes! However, you should avoid getting your extensions wet for the first 24-48 hours after applying, so the adhesive can cure correctly.                       Be sure to use an oil free cleanser to avoid breaking down the adhesive.

What Do Eyelash Extensions Feel Like?

                When applied correctly, you should not "feel" your lash extensions. The extensions are applied directly to the base of your individual                                natural lashes. Extensions should never be applied to the skin, as this can cause damage to your eyelid and natural lashes.

Will They Damage My Natural Lashes?

                No, when applied correctly no harm should come to your natural lashes.

How Long Will Eyelash Extensions Last?

                Your lash extensions should last any where from 4-8 weeks. Bella Lash ™ offers a wide variety of adhesives to cater to everyone’s                                 sensitivity needs.

                Since your extensions are attached to your natural lashes they will shed as your natural lashes shed. A 2-3 week fill is recommended to                    keep your lashes looking full and fresh.

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

                Your first full set can take anywhere from 2-2 ½ hours. Fills take 45-60 minutes.

How Will My Body React To The Lashes?

                When applied correctly, you should not notice your lashes. However, everyone’s body may react differently. If you are worried that you                       may be sensitive to the lashes we urge you to call or stop in to talk with our lash tech. **A patch test may be required 24-48 hours                                 before we can perform your service**

Current Pricing:  Note - Pricing Subject to Change After November 1, 2019  

                 Bella Lash Classic Lashes Full Set: $150

                 Bella Lash Volume Lashes Full Set: $165

                 2-week Lash Fill Package (4 visits): $140

                 Note:  We only use lashes made of natural fibers for a more comfortable experience and look.  Everything we use is from Bella Lash,                                      which offers options for sensitive skin and eyes.

Any Eyelash Rejuvenation Service Beyond 3 weeks From The Date Of The Original Application Will Be Scheduled As Another Full Set.

                 Removal of lashes: $25

                 Removal Of Lashes Applied Outside Of Salon KB: $40+
                 Unfortunately, not all lash techs have the proper credentials to apply a full, safe and beautiful set of lashes. Lashes should not cause                         pain,  clump together, or look unnatural.

                 Make-up removal: $5+
                 All clients should arrive wearing zero cosmetics (makeup/eyeliner/eye shadow/etc) and also with a clean lash line to ensure the lashes                     adhere correctly.  If we feel there is excessive make-up or build up on your lash line there will be an up charge for removal. If you feel                           that  you may need make-up removed, please be sure to reserve extra time with us to do so when you scheduling your Eyelash Service,                   so that we can guarantee you receive the look you desire!

Please Call 608-271-7270 Or Email salonkb@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.  Your Lashes Will Have Never Looked So Good!

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