Hair Myths Debunked

Hair Myths Debunked

Throughout my years on the salon floor, I have heard all sorts of myths my guests have read in magazines or seen on TV about hair care. This article is designed to debunk some of these myths.

1. Eggs, olive oil and Mayo are cost effective conditioning treatments. Listen up people! Please stop putting food on your head! These at-home remedies are simply coating your hair in oil and slime. They do not penetrate the cuticle (outermost layer of the hair strand). There is ABSOLUTELY NO BENEFIT… except, of course, comic relief 

2. Don’t wash your hair before color service – Historically speaking, this WAS a real recommendation. Hair color used to be very harsh and damaging to the hair and scalp. Lucky for us technology has advanced greatly in the world of hair color. If you wash regularly, continue to do so. Your scalp and hair are safe with us.

3. Using the same shampoo for extended amounts of time will “lessen” its effects – This would be like saying: “If you used the same hand soap for a long time your hands will no longer get clean.” We all know that is false. This myth comes from extended use of drug store brands (Pantene, Garnier, etc.). The surfactants are still removing some dirt and oil, but over time you may begin to feel like your hair is not clean, due to all of the fillers and waxes the manufacturers use to keep their costs down.

4. Plucking grey hairs will create more grey hair - False! A hair follicle will not begin springing up additional hairs. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Plucking can irritate and damage the follicle. Once this happens, the follicle may grow damaged hair or even completely stop growing hair completely. I never recommend plucking hair from your head for any reason. Which is worse, grey hair or bald spots?

5. 100 brush strokes a night equals healthy hair - Yes, we should all detangle our hair daily. That being said there is no benefit from repeated brushing, once tangles have been removed. Here are some helpful brushing tips:

a. Be incredibly gentle when brushing wet hair. Wet hair is in a weakened state and remains stretchy until it has dried.

b. When brushing, do so incrementally, from the bottom portion of the hair, to the top. Kind of like climbing a ladder; short smooth strokes toward the ends, gradually reaching closer to the scalp with each pass through. This motion will reduce the damage that can be caused by daily brushing. Any tangles will slide out much quicker and easier.

6. Aging women look better in short hair – I couldn’t disagree more. Your hair should enhance your face shape. If you have a face that looks best in long hair, you should wear long hair. Yes, longer lengths can weigh you down, but with an appropriate cut you do not have to lose length.

I hope I have helped clear up some hair-confusion! Please remember you can call you email me at with topics you would like me to discuss in the future.

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