Spring Styling Trends 2016

Spring Stylling trends 2016 – Go Big or Go Home.

Trends are constantly revolving. Currently the number one hair search on google is Volume. How do I get volume in my hair? How do I keep volume in my hiar? Why don’t I have any body? If these are questions you find yourself asking this article is for you!

Hiar styling is a little bit like building a house. You would never put a roof on your house with out the proper framework to support it. When my guests have a hard time keeping volume in their hair I aske them to walk me through their morning styling routine. More often then not I find that women will go through all of the work to blow dry and style their hair then immeidaltel cover it with hairspray. With in an hour or two the hair has fallen flat to your head.

Hiarspray is the equivilant to the “roof” on your house. It is the top protective layer. But think about what happens when we don’t use pre-blowdrying products such as a mouse or froot lifter.

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